Birthday Party add-ons

No party is complete without some goodies! Choose additional items to compliment your party and we’ll take care of the rest!

You can conveniently add these at the time of booking your party and pay for them at check out, the day of your party.

Photo by Michael Burrell/iStock / Getty Images

Balloon bouquet

Add the right POP of color to your celebration! We offer (8 pc) helium filled balloon bouquets as an add-on to your party. Assorted primary colors available.

Price: $10/bouquet - $2 / add. single balloon.

fresh pizza

We offer the convenience of ordering pizza from Marco’s pizza for your party! Choose from Cheese, Peperonni, All Meat & Deluxe (meat & veggies).

Cheese & Peperonni Pizza: $12 / pizza (12 slices ea.)

All Meat & Deluxe Pizza: $15 / pizza (12 slices ea.)


party favors

Treat your little artists to some really cool goodie bags. Each mini canvas bag includes:

  • Bouncy Balls, Tattoos, Fans & Paint Brushes.

Price: $30 / 8 bags.

$3.75 ea additional bag.